Breakups Fucking Suck

Well I had broken up with my boyfriend nearly a week ago now and I am still not really over it. I still really care about him but we just couldn’t work if he was going to be so jealous over how I spent my time. And now we don’t talk at all and I feel like this huge chunk has been ripped from me and it’s just such an awful feeling and so yea..I’m just really sad right now and so I had been saying shit and acting aggressively on this server quite a bit and I feel so bad about it but I couldn’t help it. It’s how I am when I’m upset.


Please be kind to people. If they’re not doing anything to hurt anyone don’t try to hurt them. Remember that everyone have feelings and their own struggles. You don’t know where they’re at and and what it could take to drag them to hell. Maybe just a nudge on the wrong button and they’re back on square one. Please show some respect to one another.

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you know that unexplainable sickish feeling where youre not really sick and you dont really have a headache but you just feel wrong and you cant get comfortable or find something that youre really into but you kinda feel too ill to sleep or eat its like your body saying “i dont know what i want you to do but this isnt it”

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